The upside of December

December was a month with several ups and downs…

The December downs had us battling illness, missing Dad while he hunted in Iowa over winter break, complaining about the lack of snow for sledding excursions, and shivering in bed that cold morning our furnace stopped working.

Luckily, the upside of December was filled with 400-piece puzzles, daily UPS deliveries, cookie making traditions, shoveling shenanigans, and 4-wheeler adventures.

The upside of December also brought us a much-anticipated visit from Beth and a beautiful celebration of birthdays for Papa Florence and Grandpa Goodenough.

The upside of December even took me on fantastic field trips, reunited me and my Nintendo Wii, and carved out quality time with family and Christmas presents.

We didn’t even keep score because it was no match: clearly, the upside of December wins. And so, as the month’s end becomes the start of a new year,

we lovingly toast to the unforgettable ups, while we also fondly remember the December downs as…

Wait, what downs?



One thought on “The upside of December

  1. Jaeger, looks like you ahd a wonderfully exciting December. I think my two favorite highlights were your visit from Beth and staying up till midnight. Way to go friend!

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