New year, New me, New Genesee!

Meet the Jaeger of 2019! I’m a more sophisticated version of the kiddo you all loved before, only now, I’ve learned how to roll my eyes,


I’ve stopped biting my nails,


Woohoo! No more bleeding fingers.

and I’ve got a consistent track record of good drop-offs.


Thanks to my trusty and still effective sticker chart!

Oh, and remember that time I told mom, “I didn’t know girls could be bosses”?! Well, the new and improved Jaeger has left his sexism in the year 2018.


Photo hazing credit: My mom (who happens to be a boss)

Furthermore, the new me likes to share “highs and lows” at the end of each day, I enjoy learning how to read, I now know how to dive into deep water, and I’m highly skilled at coloring inside the lines.

But it’s not just me who gets better with age. The 2019 Genesee likes to point a lot, has perfected the word “MINE,” loves a good dance party, displays increased speed-walking levels despite a stagnant grace factor, and might grow up to be a successful shoe model.

My sister is a beautiful contradiction of a built-tough scaredy-cat with clingy independence, a grumpy heart, and a standoffish yearn for snuggles.

Together, we are poised and ready for 2019. Hopefully the new year is ready for the renewed us!?

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