Christmas Day 2018

Finally. After 364 days of anticipation, Christmas Day arrived. AND. SO. DID. SANTA!!

I may or may not have peed my pants a little due to all the excitement, so first, I needed a wardrobe change. But before I could pull my dry, new bottoms up to my waist, I was off to admire all the gifts, then checked the cookie plate for evidence of Santa, and immediately ran downstairs to wake up Genesee!

“It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas,” I proclaimed.

After ripping through more gifts than our little hearts could handle, we moved the party to Grandma & Grandpa’s house, where we were greeted with a cheesy-meaty-potatoey breakfast casserole and discovered more mountains of presents!

Eventually, we made the return to our newly-cleaned house with slippery floors to host family for a Christmas lupper (lunch + supper). And after consuming generous portions of bacon-wrapped smokies, ham & pickle pinwheels, cheese-curd-stuffed meatballs, homemade mac n’ cheese, green bean casserole, and brandy slush, we moved our bellies to the living room for a gift exchange and an Incredibles 2 movie screening.

I love Christmas Day! And not just because of all the material goodies, although Genesee sure adores that doll (among other cute toys) and I am thoroughly enjoying my UPS truck, John Deere combine, Legos, phone case, pop socket, water-squirting camera, remote-controlled all-terrain street thrasher, board games, train car, fidget spinners, and art projects, and I also surely appreciate that cash from Papa, iTunes money, Chuck E Cheese gift card and tickets to a February Traxxus Monster Truck Tour (just to name a few gifts)!!

But I also love this holiday because, when I come up for air between playing with one new toy and running to the next, I love seeing how Christmas brings together so many loved ones under one roof… smiling, chatting, and snacking like there’s no tomorrow. Because nobody can watch movies, compete in Wii Sports, and play board games like my family can. And because my family snuggles better than your family. And because the family that hoverboards together, stays together.

It was, indeed, a merry Christmas!

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