Rotary Light Show

Nothing says Christmas quite like La Crosse’s Rotary Lights Display. So, when Friday arrived, we met Dad at his downtown office, bundled ourselves up, and then speed-walked our way to Riverside Park.

Seasonably mild temperatures + minimally crowded sidewalks + magically-lit skies + a sparkling Mississippi River + happy, jolly souls = Perfect conditions for exploring the Rotary Lights.

Know what else was perfect? Visiting with Santa (again!) and asking him if he’s been good. That’s right, I turned the tables (and flustered him) because someone needs to hold Santa accountable.

And after admiring every impressive corner of the park, we skipped back to the car, placed a carry-out Pizza Corral order, and then headed for home to enjoy a romantic family dinner by our cozy, malfunctioning fireplace.

These are the moments that make waiting for Christmas worth it.

One thought on “Rotary Light Show

  1. Jaeger,
    I’m very impressed that you turned the tables on Santa Clause. I hope that he was able to provide you with a satisfactory explanation of his behavior this year. Keep up the Christmas adventures little friend.

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