CTH Holiday Open House 2018

When it comes to Christmas, my school doesn’t mess around.

During our annual Holiday Open House, every family arrived in seasonal pajamas and every classroom, decorated from ceiling to floor, was equipped with a fun activity or a delicious treat. Additionally, there was a live concert every 20 minutes, featuring the cutest and most distracted carolers you’ve ever seen! Genesee’s class sang Jingle-Bell-Rock (with no help from my sister who ran off stage as soon as she spotted Dad), and I did the Reindeer Pokey like nobody’s business. Plus, we got to meet & greet Mr. Snowman, Mr. Reindeer, AND my main man, Santa!!

It was awesome! I made the most of what every room had to offer while Genesee trained for a marathon throughout the hallways. On one of her laps, however, she seemed to learn a new move called the “hug.” She’s never been the affectionate type, but the holiday spirit must have moved her when she saw her little friend, Annalia. Everyone thought it was soooo cute… until Genesee pushed Annalia to the ground when the hugging session concluded. How embarrassing!

Needless to say, my bully sister will likely make an appearance on the naughty list. But better Genesee than me… I can’t afford any missteps; I’ve got high hopes for all my circled toys in the latest Target catalog.

Thanks for the fun night out, Children’s Tree House!

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