Turn of events

It was only happy and jolly until we experienced a turn of events.

First, Genesee caught a cold. And although that girl is no stranger to illness, there’s something particularly heartwrenching about seeing a loved one feel sick during the holiday season.

Then, just as G seemed to be on the up and up, her teething adventures created some crappy situations – literally. The worst was when she woke up with poop up her back, on her pillow, near her mouth, and all over the crib. Mom called it a “sh#!@y morning.”


Then, out of nowhere, I caught a stomach bug and “lost my cookies” all over mom, myself and the lobby area of the hair salon I was visiting. Oops. It wasn’t a cute look, and with no spare clothes in the vehicle, we had to sit in my puke for 25 minutes until Authrene came to the rescue. Now, that’s a good friend!

Getting sick two more times that night scored me a stay-home Monday with Mom, who followed my every step with a bucket, even though I had since made a full recovery. But, if she was going to treat me like a sicky-butt, I was going to take full advantage of it… So, I stole some mom snuggles, ordered breakfast in bed, and then convinced mom to accompany me in some easy-on-the-stomach activities, like ALL. OF. THE. PUZZLES.

I think we’ve earned some healthy days ahead.

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