The 10-footer

As tradition would have it, we set out for the great Christmas tree hunt on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. But first, Perkins. Because the search party requires muffins, bacon, & omelets energy to successfully find trees.


On the way to Patterson’s Christmas Tree Farm, Mom and I decided that we would settle for nothing less than a 10-foot tree. Dad objected and Genesee abstained, so with a 2-1 victory, we brought home the 10-footer! (Fingers crossed that Genesee joins the winning team when she can vote next year.)


This is always one of my favorite days because it’s beginning to look a lot like the most wonderful time of year is coming to town, and oh what fun it is, so you better watch out ’cause I’ll be rocking around the Christmas tree like only an overly-excited 4-year-old can:


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