Well Child Visit: 15 months

On November 6, we took Genesee in for her 15-month Well Child Appointment and learned that my lil’ sis is healthy, strong, and unrestrainable.

She weighed 20 lbs, 8 oz. (37th percentile), her head measured 45 cm (30th percentile), and her height remains undetermined (hence, the aforementioned “unrestrainable” trait.) However, she’s not so tough when she’s getting poked with a needle. All. three. times.


I, on the other hand, took my flu vaccine like a champ, with no screams or tears whatsoever. Apparently, once you turn 4 years of age, you can choose between the needle shot or the nasal spray. I chose the latter. Call me chicken or call me smart.


Someday, Genesee will be as tough/smart as me. But for now, Genesee is a mover and shaker who likes to hit me on the head, slap me in the face, and pounce on anyone who dares to relax on the floor. She’s a lover of books, shoes, spaghetti, most male figures, and all things sweet. She’s a homewrecker, so don’t put anything nice within arms reach of her, and careful when you give her a bath… she tends to perform dangerous maneuvers.

These days, you can often find Genesee snacking, reading books, looking out the window, wrestling with me, riding my scooter, playing basketball, hiking with Dad, or splashing in self-made milk puddles. She’s got more teeth, more words, and more attitude than her last Well Child Appointment. But after this check-up, she’ll have less bottle time because Doc ordered a full transition to sippy cups.

So, our little, bottle-banned baby girl is growing up right before our eyes… She’s blossomed into quite a healthy, strong and unrestrainable toddler who moves through life on her own terms. And while it’s become quite clear that this is her world and the rest of us are just living in it, we wouldn’t want it any other way!


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