My sister is a monster…

…for Halloween this year.


But no one jumped or screamed because the monster trick-or-treated her way through Festival’s BooFest, the Enchanted Forest, and Viterbo University’s Halloween event by also assuming the role of Welcoming Committee. Hence, Genesee’s cover was blown every. single. time. she opened her cute mouth and let out a sweet “Hiiii!!!” (Her newest trick.)

Luckily, Genesee’s Midwest-nice was Marvel-ously balanced by her sidekick… the righteous king, noble Avenger, and fearsome warrior:



Ha. Just kidding!

But I did connect with some of my roots to embody Wakanda’s fierce and powerful Black Panther.


And so I used my powers to sweet-talk lots of treats into our buckets with phrases like “please,” “thank you,” “trick or treat,” and “how many am I allowed to take for my sister?” Because despite Genesee’s limited vocabulary and lacking manners, I vigilantly ensured that her bucket got filled alongside mine because the perk of having a complete set of teeth is that I get to consume my sister’s candy that’s what loving, responsible, superhero-brothers do.


Needless to say, it was a happy and delicious Halloween!


2 thoughts on “My sister is a monster…

  1. Wow Jaeger you look amazing as Pink/Black Panther! There’s no doubt that your adorable monster sister was grateful you ensured her pail was filled with candy too. Such a gentleman 😊.

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