A hunting we will go

My first hunting trip was a success! Mostly because I got to stay home from school, but also because Grandma and Grandpa ordered KFC takeouts for our lunch at the cabin! Oh, and did I mention that we also shot a buck!?

To prepare for my big hunt with dad, we first shopped for a bright orange winter coat, then I got home and took a shower with no-scent soap, and finally, I packed my own backpack before getting a good night’s sleep. At 6 a.m. the next morning, I woke up with a smile on my face, sent mom off to work with a kiss on her cheek, and then grabbed my fresh-from-the-Keurig hot chocolate and headed out into the cold, dark woods. And even though boredom got the best of me a couple times, and despite some tears that fell because I “missed my sister,” and never mind that I regularly inquired about when we could return home, I’m so glad I got to spend such quality time with my dad and the squirrels. Because suddenly, before all was said and done, Dad spotted an injured buck that we needed to put out of its misery. So, I covered my ears, dad pulled the trigger, and just like that, we were climbing down the deer blind in search of our soon-to-be venison jerky.

“Just go, Dad. I’ll catch up,” I exclaimed as I tripped over all the branches. But eventually, I arrived at the scene of the crime, and instead of feeling sad, scared or distraught like Mom feared I would, I had a weird urge to pee on Mr. Buck. I mean, I didn’t actually urinate; it was just an idea that popped into my head. Little did Mom know, she has other reasons to be concerned about me.

All in all, it was a hunting season for the books… from opening day when the Docan-Morgans came over for a playdate, to the very last supper at the cabin… Genesee enjoyed Uncle Cory’s snuggles and I loved being dad’s little hunting buddy.

It was awesome! We took nothing but memories and left nothing but a trail of crumbs behind Genesee’s path. So look out, wounded deer and clean cabin floors… we’ll be back next year!

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