Fair enough

Last year, we couldn’t attend the La Crosse Interstate Fair because we were being held hostage at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. So, this year, we went twice just to make up for lost fun. “Fair enough,” I said!

It was Genesee’s first time cheering on our cousins while they horsed around, and it was my first time going on the rides (the Ferris Wheel with Mom and the Dragon rollercoaster with Ash and Cortney)!  Of course, we also enjoyed the mini donuts, cheese curds, ice cream, deep-fried cookie dough, and corn dogs because it’s a fair… duh.

I’m sure glad we made it this year; missing out would’ve resulted in true heartbreak… Genesee developed a love affair with cotton candy and I fell head-over-heels for all the rides I’ve been deprived of my whole life. We’re both already looking forward to next year… when we’re taller (for the bigger rides) and hungrier (for the larger bag of cotton candy). Hopefully, our true loves will be there waiting for us.

One thought on “Fair enough

  1. Wow! Courntey is a beautiful equestrian! G’s pony tail is adorable and Jaeger you are the life of any party. Your stamina is probably sustained by that cotton candy 🙂

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