Hosting Superheroes

My favorite superheroes of all time are Auntie Cha Cha and Ernest.

So when I learned that we would be hosting these superheroes at our house in early July, I knew we had to plan a super duper week….

First things first, we sent them on a surprise La Crosse Segway Tour. Surprise!

Then, we gave them a taste of La Crosse at the Pearl and Rudy’s Drive-In before taking in the best view of the city on Grandad Bluff.

Day 2 was spent in Lanesboro, where we embarked on a biking excursion along the Root River.

And since tired legs deserve a nice cool-down stretch, we headed to Rainbow Ridge Farm before day’s end to experience Goat Yoga.

Day 3 was reserved for a relaxing cruise along the Mississippi River so we could save our energy for the shenanigans that would ensue on Day 4…

…at Chuck E Cheesers!

After “SO-MUCH-FUN” with games and cotton candy, our superheroes were off to southeastern Wisconsin to visit Papa Florence. But they couldn’t escape us that easily… we hopped in our car and caught up with them in Mukwonago, where we biked through Miniwaukan Park…

…visited Nana Florence’s brick on her 11th anniversary at the newly remodeled Mukwonago High School…

…and ended that day by boarding the East Troy Trolley, just like we did a couple years ago!

Needless to say, a super-duper-awesome week made for a super-duper-difficult goodbye. But off they went anyway because a superhero’s work is never done (and they only get so many vacation days).

So until we meet again, I’ll have to hang with the other superhero in the family… she’s not as fun, but she does have a cape!


Come back soon, Cha Cha & E!! We miss you already, and also, Genesee needs some cape-wearing lessons. (How embarrassing!)

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