Crossing the Border

On February 11th, we left on a Sun Country jet plane and headed for Mexico’s warmer winds…

…and I’m happy to report that from passport to passed out, Genesee’s first out-of-country trip was a success!

4 checked bags, 2 carry-ons, and 3.5 hours later, we managed to arrive safely in Cancun, despite suffering assigned seats across the aisle and in different rows from each other. In fact, the flight above the clouds was a breeze… the only rough part was the landing, as the pilot bounced the plane along the tarmac. Other than that, Sis and I displayed zero meltdowns and became friends with fellow frequent flyers since we were “so well behaved.” Of course, Genesee slept 90% of the trip while I only snoozed for the last twenty minutes, and because good behavior requires very little effort when one is unconscious, we all know who should get the credit for the compliments.

We’re coming for you, Piña coladas!

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