Half a Year

The day after Christmas, Genesee turned 5 months old!


Then, we blinked, and as the calendar struck January 26th, Genesee suddenly became a .5-year-old.


Over the last couple months, a lot has changed…

As a 5-month-old, Genesee began a diet completely free of breast milk, she started eating in a high chair, and she definitely found her voice.

By the 6-month-mark, Genesee could be found dancing in the living room with dad, bouncing in her jumperoo, or attending campus events like ATP.

Although she’s experienced a chronic cough and unrelenting congestion for months, G’s 6-month Well Child visit revealed stats of a healthy, still-a-peanut-but-growing babe.


Cheers to your sweet six-month birthday, sis!

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