Settling into our Palace

We spent the first couple days of our Mexican vacation getting reacquainted with the Moon Palace. Of course, it didn’t take long to recall some of our favorites: The Playroom, the endless pools, the mystical ocean backdrop, Arrecifes the Brazilian steakhouse, iguana sightings, mom’s Miami Vice frozen drinks, dad’s refreshing Mojitos, the made-to-order crepes, omelettes and wood-fired pizzas, the easy-to-order gelato and chocolate croissants, the 80-degree pool-side days, the 75-degree evening walks along the moonlit, breezy beach, our oceanfront king-size bed…. Mexico has everything, including my heart! And so I may or may not have ugly-cried on Tuesday morning when my trickster parents made me believe it was time to go home already.

“Just kidding,” they said. “But really, we will eventually need to return home.”

“But not today!!” I exclaimed as I jumped out of bed, wiped my snot nose, and lived in the moment like only a toddler can.

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