Jaeger – version 3.5

Today, I’m busy turning 3½ years old. That’s right… I’m officially a half year away from becoming a distinguished 4-year-old. Happy half-birthday to me!


At this point in my life….

  • “I want to marry Ashlee.”
  • Although not completely cured, I’m biting my nails less.
  • You can still easily discipline me by counting to 3. (Not that I ever need discipline.)
  • I will be starting a new school next month (with my sister). I have mixed feelings about this (mostly because I’ll miss Hudson), but I’m starting to get excited.
  • My haircuts now occur at home by my own personal stylist named Mom.
  • I love Grandma & Grandpa’s new “Corvette!”
  • I’m an inch taller than I was at the beginning of summer.
  • I entertain myself by taking selfies with all the SnapChat filters.
  • When I grow up, “I want to be a person. No… maybe a meatball!”

Cheers to whatever’s in store during the six months until 4!

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