A Hiking We Will Go

Last weekend we returned to Perrot State Park to get our hike on! It was a beautiful day to exercise our way to the top of Brady’s Bluff, despite the leaves being less colorful than we had hoped.

This time around, I wasn’t scared of falling off the cliffs that I feared as a more-cautious 2-year-old. I am now fearless! (Unless a spider crawls across my path. Or a piece of fuzz that resembles a spider. Or a piece of anything that looks like any insect whatsoever.)

Genesee was a good sport too, especially for being the youngest hiker on the trail… probably because she was a lazy-bones hitch-hiker who only had to sit back and enjoy the spectacular view of mom’s face. Sometimes I miss those days, but I’m an independent big boy with strong legs now, so I don’t need to hitch a kangaroo ride on mom anymore. Instead, I use my strong legs to jump into dad’s backpack!

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