Genesee meets Muktown!

Last weekend, we drove Princess Genesee through the town of Genesee to visit with Papa Florence. Much to our surprise, Papa had a princess of his own – a new roommate named Lulu! Papa always has something new to discover at his house, but we weren’t expecting to find an adorable, shivering 6-week-old Chihuahua! It was puppy love at first sight!

Then, I got to play with more furry friends when we took Genesee to meet Aunt Donna! It was so much fun… after consuming complimentary raspberry lemonade and pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies, I had the endurance to run 36 consecutive laps around Donna’s house. Luckily, I was able to cool-down by dodging raindrops on the way to the grocery store, where Donna served as our lovely personal assistant while we searched for ingredients to make supper and breakfast for the rest of our stay in Mukwonago.

I always cherish our travels to the east coast to catch up with loved ones! I only wish the east coast was on the west coast of Wisconsin because I’m missing my loved ones already.


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