Breaking News: I’m a threenager!

Three at last, three at last. I’m finally, FINALLY three at last!

My first conscious moments as a three-year-old looked something like this:

The minutes that followed were spent on an Easter egg hunt, because although it was MOSTLY my birthday, it was also Easter Sunday!

After finding a gazillion eggs that were hidden around the house, I also discovered some birthday presents that I sweet-talked my way into opening early.

At long last, it was time to get my birthday party started! And guess what I got?! Lots of love, ballons (by request), lovely gifts, and my very own 4-wheeler!!

After several test-drives on my new wheels, it was time for birthday cake and candles (also on my list of requests)!!! Being serenaded by a bunch of loved ones wearing Mickey Mouse ears was just what I needed!

And just to maximize our day while soaking up the sunshine, we hit the trails in caravan-style and enjoyed everything our backyard had to offer. It was refreshing and beautiful and….

…..zzzzzzz…. and, it was a wrap!

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