Birthday Eve (April 15)

When we arrived at the much-anticipated day-before-my-birthday, I was a little disappointed to learn that I still had to wait a day until my birthday. But, Grandma and Grandpa averted a meltdown by letting me open a couple gifts early: the fanciest Crocs you’ve ever seen and a Harlem Globetrotters basketball!!! It was love at first sight. You should see how my shoes light up and how I can do fancy spin moves with my new basketball. It’s quite impressive.

Next, my neighbors (the Nicolais) invited me to their house to color Easter eggs! Who knew I had a hidden talent for decorating hard-boiled eggs?! It was so much fun, but the best part was when we paused for a Cheeto break.

After I woke up from a nap I didn’t agree to, the parents and I traveled to La Crosse to pick up my Mickey Mouse birthday cake and then headed to Sparta for some of my mom’s favorite PIZZA! I love when we order pizza-to-go and take it to the local park. I get to slide on the slides and swing on the swings between every bite, and once I eat my pizza all gone, we go on a bike ride all around town! Final destination? Rudy’s Drive-In of course. Root beer floats are the only way to conclude my birthday eve.

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