Let the Celebration Begin!

The countdown to my birthday officially began on Friday. I arrived at school, equipped with Mickey Mouse bubbles and egg-shaped rice krispy treats (compliments of Grandma and Cortney) so everyone would know who the birthday boy was: ME! Although it was fun commanding all the attention, I left school early that day and was greeted by Jackie, who surprised me with a Mickey Mouse balloon and two fun books for my reading pleasure. Thanks, Jackie!

After that, we picked up Dad and headed to Rochester to meet up with the rest of the fam for dinner at Newt’s before experiencing the most entertaining basketball team I’ve ever seen: The Harlem Globetrotters! (Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!) They were SILLL-LY!

The night was complete after I consumed my grape slushy, received a couple autographs, and memorized some new basketball tricks.

What a FUN day! I love turning almost-three.

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