Weekend @ Papa’s!

Last weekend we visited Papa Florence! I think he might have missed me as much as I’ve been missing him! We had a quick, but fun visit. First, I showed him my very impressive basketball skills and then we toured campers in Burlington. I found the one I liked… it was equipped with a playground on top of it (see photo below). SOLD! After that, we visited a newly developed shopping complex in Brookfield where they gave away free roses, chocolates, golf balls and teddy bears to people who were awake…. too bad I was snoring away, but at least I woke up in time to play at the local park. Finally, I learned how to drive Papa’s golf cart. Watch out squirrels! There’s a new driver on the lawn.

One thought on “Weekend @ Papa’s!

  1. Johnny and I really enjoyed viewing your life story as a family. Keep the joy and adventures in your life. Love you all!

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