Dear School: I’m back!

I survived my first couple weeks in the 2-year-old room! It was a slightly rough transition with lots of morning tears at first, but by the second week, Mom did much better.

My new teacher’s name is Angela, but I still like to run into my old room to say “HiiiiiByeee!” to Kim before starting each day. I was happy to see some familiar friends in this new room, especially Huddy & Sonia, but there’s a lot of kiddos I don’t know, so maybe I’ll expand my buddy circle this year?!

Since returning to campus, I’ve been able to experience neat-o things, like a musical show by the UWL Marching Band, Awareness through Performance, puddle-jumping from rainstormsand just your casual hang-outs with mom’s favorite college students. Plus, later this month, on September 29, I’ll be participating in our very own Oktoberfest Parade!

I’m confident I’ll learn a lot this year, but one thing I know already: Life. Is. Good.

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