How to beat the system

In case you’re ever looking for me, you might find me in the office, playing with my new Thomas the Train Track Master set! Wanna know how to get one of these?

Step 1: Be a really good, patient, charming kiddo while mom and dad are running boring errands.

Step 2: Like, so good that mom and dad feel compelled to stop by Toys R Us as a reward for such impeccable behavior.

Step 3: Listen closely as they say “You can pick out ONE toy,” and notice that they gave no other parameters.

Step 4: Strategically find the biggest box in the store that features Thomas the Train. Innocently and with great enthusiasm, point to your discovered toy and say “I found one!”

Step 5: Keep looking irresistibly cute as mom and dad squirm, wishing they had given more parameters.

Step 6: Scream and clap as you watch mom & dad place the big box in the backseat of your vehicle.

Step 7: Smile and giggle the whole way home about how you just beat the system.

Step 8: Enjoy being the proud, new owner of ONE nice toy!

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