Cran Fest 2016

I survived the 2016 Warrens Cranberry Festival! Dad had to work on Saturday, so mom and I tagged along with Grandma & Grandpa to enjoy some outdoor shopping. As it turns out, however, mom and Grandma were the main shoppers because I had to babysit Grandpa. (Luckily, he was well-behaved.)

We also met up with Great Aunt Mary and Great Uncle Peter and got to play in their camper! My favorite part of the whole day was the yummy meat & cheese tray, compliments of Peter. But I also had fun people-watching, listening to trains, jumping on the inflatable tiger, and taste testing a cranberry-infused cream puff!

My only regret was not getting to splash in the mud puddles that were scattered throughout the festival grounds. Of course, it’s just as fun to stay dry and clean… SAID NO ONE EVER. So watch out mud puddles, because next time, I’m not going to let a silly seatbelt hold me back.

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