Monday Funday

What’s not to like about Mondays?! I love starting off my week with YMCA Mondays! Not only do I have fun, but these classes have also been instrumental in the development of my socialization skills… with my mom. because I won’t let her leave. my side. ever. not even for a minute.

This week we played with shaving cream, painted firework-themed posters, threw bean bags in the gym, and ate strawberries with 4th of July rice krispie treats!

But the best part about YMCA Mondays is when we head down to Riverside Park for lunch once Tot Time concludes. Today, after devouring my Taco Bell Cheesy Roll-up, I took myself on an 85-minute tour of the entire park. Mom could hardly keep up!

I thought I was pretty cool until we got in the car and it was me who couldn’t keep up. I fell asleep in mid-chew of my Mickey Mouse veggie chip snack, before we even left downtown La Crosse. Not a big deal, you might think. Until you learn that your mom didn’t stop at Rudy’s Drive-In during their 99¢ Root Beer Float sale because someone was a big sleepy head. Talk about a missed opportunity! I can now sympathize with those who dislike Mondays. After all, root beer stands are for driving in, not driving by.


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