Jellystone 2016

Last weekend we camped at Jellystone, where we met up with Great Aunt Mary, Great Uncle Peter, Jill, Jeff, and my buddies Sydney, Mackenzie and Zach! As usual, Jellystone didn’t disappoint. My days were filled with outdoor movies, dance parties, glow parades, root beer floats, and butterfly stories.

My favorite part was hanging out with Zach because he brought a bunch of toys for us to play with! Everything from baseballs, to bug collector kits, to bouncy balls and books… he was well prepared!!

This year, I also became a fan of the “big” water slide. It was so much fun, I convinced almost everyone to ride down with me, even mom!  And when I wasn’t in the pool area, I was out exploring the park on my bike. But although I’m pretty fast on 2-ish wheels, it took a while to make my way around because Jellystone has lots of traffic; every time we would meet a car or golf cart or bike, I felt compelled to yell “Wait a minute!” and pull over to the side of the road until they passed. Safety first!

Life is good at Jellystone! I had such a blast and was a happy little camper all weekend long. I even have a “triangle” shirt to prove it. (Thanks, Mary and Peter!)


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