Visiting Papa No-No Florence

Last weekend, we went to visit Papa No-No.

Dad was up north at a bachelor party for his high school friend, Travis, so Mom and I decided to plan our own fun. We got to visit Donna and meet Kai – her puppy, explore Jessie’s new home-sweet-home, devour delicious pizza with Papa, and scream “Weeeee” on the golf cart.

But my favorite part? Our trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo, of course! Forget the lions and tigers and bears… when I saw the penguins, I yelled, “Happy Feet!!!” We also attended a sea lion show, took a ride on the train, and played at the park. Before we left, mom thought I would enjoy feeding the goats, but I was a big scaredy-cat let her do it because moms should have some fun too.

I had so much fun, I fell asleep before we even left the parking lot. That was unfortunate because our next stop was Red Robin, where Papa and Mom enjoyed gourmet burgers and bottomless fries while I snored away at the table. No fair. You snooze, you lose (literally). Oh well. But for this rare moment when I couldn’t hang with the open-eyed gang, I spent the entire weekend winning.

Thanks for the super-duper weekend, Papa, Donna and Jessie!!

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