Memorial Day Weekend 2016

On Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to Hayward for our first camping adventure of the year!

There were SO many highlights of that trip….

Highlight #1: Mom and Grandpa surprised us with a ride on the Spooner Pizza Train! LOVED. IT.

Highlight #2: Dad took us fishing and I won the contest!! (Caught approximately 15 fish!)

Highlight #3: I got to test-drive my new ride!

Highlight #4: We boated over to Treeland’s Resort to eat dinner and play at the park!

Highlight #5: I got to pet a “black sheep.”

Camping is so much fun! I got to open a gift every day (compliments of a Grandma who spoils me!), we ate delicious food, drank root beer floats, went on lots of walks, and even pretend-bought a new camper that I helped Dad pick out.

The only bummer was that we had some uninvited visitors: mosquitos. But, I’ll just point to all of my bug bites as proof that we were in Hayward, and a reminder of all the fun that was had!

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