Go take a hike!

For Dad’s birthday weekend, we decided to hike Brady’s Bluff at Perrot State Park, where mom and dad got engaged! It was the first time they returned to that magical spot since Dad popped the question 12 years ago. (Thank goodness mom answered the question correctly.)

The weather was perfect… I didn’t sweat at all! It probably helped that I got to ride on dad’s back the whole time, but it’s still hard work to sit there and look cute. Plus, some spots were pretty scary. As we walked along a cliff, I took on the responsibility of telling dad “careful” and “owie, owie, owwie.”

Luckily, we lived to enjoy lunch on one of the park benches… Subway sandwiches and Doritos! Yummers!! If Doritos are at the end of every hike, let’s go again tomorrow!

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