Graduation Day

Remember this little guy?

That was my first day at daycare, back in August 2014! Fast forward one year and it’s time for me to graduate.

Today was my last official day in the infant room and it was bittersweet. Even though we celebrated with a dance party and cupcakes, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. These wonderful women have been my moms away from mom…

  • They brought out the dinosaur and karate kid in me. (See photo evidence below)
  • They fed me the most delicious foods and even taught me how to like watermelon.
  • When I missed my family, they would visit my internet blog to show me pictures of mom and dad.
  • We went for walks, we worked out at the gym, we fed ducks, we played in the sandbox, we covered the room in ping pong balls… we were always busy!
  • They introduced me to my inner artist through coloring and painting, and they tapped into my curious mind through mud baths and shaving cream parties.
  • They cleaned up my spit-ups, my stinkers, and my owies, and they put up with my grumpies, my frownies and my zombie apocalypse phase.
  • They embraced me as their little entertainer and made room for me to move like Jaeger.

No matter the day, no matter the weather, no matter my mood…. these women LOVED me. And I couldn’t help but love them right back.

Thank you, amazing teachers, for helping me write my first chapter. Although it’s time to turn the page, you will always be a beautiful, significant and unforgettable part of my life story!

One thought on “Graduation Day

  1. Congrats on your graduation, Jaeger! It’s hard to believe a year has already passed! I’m sure you’ll miss your old teachers, but hopefully, they won’t be too far away. We’re excited to see what this next chapter brings! Hugs to you.

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