Sharing the summer breeze

As August quickly comes to an end, we decided to make the most of last weekend by sharing the summer breeze with friends! First, we met up with the Britton family to cruise the Mississippi River. After we nailed that adventure, we went to Texas Roadhouse for supper. I think the adults planned to enjoy stimulating conversation, but just to make things interesting, I decided to challenge my parents with the game “See-if-you-can-complete-a-sentence-without-being-interrupted-by-this-new-bad-habit-I-learned!” (Apparently, you’re only supposed to throw peanuts on the floor, not your entire meal.) My bad.

The next day, mom and dad took me to experience my first parade! Initially, I wasn’t sure what to think and I couldn’t figure out who everyone was waving at. But then, marchers and drivers started throwing candy my way and I kind of liked that! In fact, I liked that so much, I decided to throw the candy right back at them. Mom says I need to work on my parade etiquette. (She seemed especially concerned when I returned some of her favorite chocolates to the streets.) My bad…again.

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