Tubing creates gymnasts

Last Sunday we went tubing for the first time in my life! The rules for tubing are simple and unfair: Everyone but Jaeger gets to participate. What a bummer! But, I did enjoy being a cheerleader… until my dad decided to perform a back-flip into the water. My eyes got really big and then I made an uh-oh face before proceeding to cry. It was so scary to see him disappear beneath the surface. But then, he reemerged and so I screamed for joy! That was such a neat trick that I decided to try my own back-flip on my parents’ bed later that night. I’ve been doing twists, turns, flips and somersaults ever since. I’m not sure what’s more fun…. attempting new gymnastic floor routines or watching my mom become the most nervous and unreasonable spotter a gymnast could ever ask for.

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