Someone’s getting old.

…Not me! It’s my not-so-spring-chicken mother. Last weekend we made a trip to UW-Platteville so mom could compete participate in an alumni soccer game. Dad and I sat in the stands and cheered, like the loyal soccer fans we are. And, let’s just say mom gave it a good try for a solid and respectable ten minutes before a pulled hamstring took her out of the game. Mom hung her head in defeat and limped off the field. “Someone’s getting old,” she concedes.

But, while Mom’s soccer glory days might be over, it was still worth the trip to swing by Gretchen & Koty’s farm, and to visit with a couple of mom’s favorite teammates, Kari and Gocool. I mean, who cares if the alumni game robbed mom of all her pride and dignity!? At least she got a free t-shirt and pizza to show for her efforts, plus a funny new approach to walking up/down our stairway.

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