One year check-in

All signs point to me being awesome. Within this last week, I received progress reports from my 12 month well child visit and my parent-teacher conference. Doc says I’m a healthy little boy with a mane of hair that his bald head is quite envious of.  He was impressed with my thought-provoking sentences and charmed by my spunky personality. My teachers say I’m cutesy-wootsy and very animated. They call me their “little entertainer.” So basically, I’m the life of the daycare party. And, if there was an honor roll, I’d probably be on it.

To celebrate my achievements, Mom and Dad took me out to eat with my little friend Ellie! We hooted and hollered and smeared applesauce all over ourselves to commemorate our 1-year milestone. Happy birthday month to you and me, Ellie!

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