A mother’s love…

Today is the day I like to spend time with my good friend, Photoshop. This year, I decided to see what life would look like if I time-traveled back to 1975….


Oh, hey, Nana Florence! Fancy meeting you here. Mom and I were just talking about how much we missed you. I sure wish you could hang out with me in the year 2015. Mother’s Day is happening right now and Mom says it’s not the same without you. My parents always tell me how you would have showered me with love, which is quite the coincidence because I love water!

Even though we don’t get to snuggle and play kissy-face in real life, mom and I can feel you all around us. We look for you in the clouds, we listen for you in Spanish conversations, and we talk to you through each blooming flower. We follow every dragonfly, we order every tamale, and we never stop loving.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to you Nana Florence, and mom, and to every momma figure in my life, especially Grandma Goodenough, Aunt Julie, Aunt Helen Renee, Aunt Chelsee and so many more. How lucky I am to feel your love…whether that love is near or far, in spirit or in presence. Because a mother’s love is forever.

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