A weekend with friends!

This past Friday, I got to hang out with some of my favorite peeps: Hope, William, Sonia and little Abe! Sonia and Abe keep trying to catch up to me in size. We grow up so fast… [sigh]. Thanks for hosting, Sara! Mom says we should visit your house to eat play more often. Miss you all already!

Then, on Sunday, I got to see my long lost Aunt Carrie and Uncle Matt!! I was so happy to learn they haven’t forgotten about me. Gosh, how I wish Madison was in La Crosse though. It was definitely a cherished reunion, which also included Mahruq, Nizam, Sonia, Will, Tara, Hammer, Kayleigh and others!

Before it was all said and done, Sonia and I played this fun game called “Let’s see who can cry the most in Uncle Matt’s arms.” Some people thought we were being grumpy pants, but the truth is, we just miss Matt and Carrie.

It was a good weekend, full of good friends. If this is what life is like for a 1-year-old, sign me up!

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