The Not-So-Lazy River

This past Sunday we cruised along the mighty Mississippi River! There were bumps, splashes, rainstorms and all sorts of risky business… not quite the lazy river I grew fond of in the Dells, but fun nonetheless. It was also the second consecutive river trip we braved without ketchup! Hamburgers and brats without condiments?! …We sure are thrill seekers! And of course, no river trip is complete without a stop at Pizza Corral. Yummers! I’m not sure if their pizza is anything to brag about, but the milk was just what I ordered! (…Through a demanding, yet cute, whimper.) Which begs the question, why isn’t it named the Milk Corral?

The beginning of this week started out with a bang, as I spent today and yesterday hanging out with the Babysitters Club again. (Good times!) Tomorrow I have my 4-month check up and then we’re going to meet with my daycare provider on Thursday. Finally, we will take our thrill-seeking selves to Platteville for the weekend to visit Gretchen and Koty!

Stay tuned to read updates from those adventures…

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