3 month milestone

Holy moly!?! I turned 3 months old this week! To celebrate, mom and I hung out with some of my buddies so I could show them how good 3 months looks on me.

photo 5

Here we are with Tara and Ellie, enjoying our last Thursday lunch date before Tara heads back to work. Mom only has 2 weeks left before she also makes her return to work. [Insert frowny face]

photo 2photo 1

Next we visited Auntie Mahruq and cousin Sonia. She’s growing up right before my very eyes!

photo 3photo 4

Finally, we stopped at Eagle Hall to visit Sara and my new friend Emma.


Geez… turning 3 months old is not as easy as one might think when it requires a tour of La Crosse! I may or may not have snored myself to sleep as soon as we headed for home… (click the photo below to hear my snoring skills!)


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