Old MacDonald had a PIZZA farm!

Just when I thought the world couldn’t get any better, I discovered pizza farms. Yummers! We visited Suncrest Gardens Farm with Aunt Amery and Uncle Dan last night and we had a blast. It was like a zoo, a vegetable garden, a pizza party, a park, a picnic and a campfire all singing Kumbaya in perfect harmony. Uncle Dan showed mom how to roast the perfect s’more, followed by a lesson of how to perfectly drop it into the fire. Silly Dan! It was such a lovely night… perfect temperature, beautiful sunset, cute piggies, hip music, twinkling stars, delicious pizza (so I’m told) and good company. Pizza farms are the best!

One thought on “Old MacDonald had a PIZZA farm!

  1. Never heard of a pizza farm, sounds like a blast! So Jaeger, when are you going to convince your mom and dad to come and visit so we can meet you? Teagan is really excited to hold you on her lap. Maybe we can go camping if we can plan something before winter…

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