Record-Setting Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving Thursday is nice and all, but what I love even more is Sit-at-Perkins-then-Search-for-a-tree Saturday! Because who isn’t grateful for pancakes with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles?! (Answer: My picky-eater sister, but we let her come along anyway.)

After pigging out at Perkins, we bundled up to brave the terribly sleety and windy weather conditions, which prompted a record-time selection of our 2019 Christmas tree since there were no spare minutes for debating, voting, or pretending that dad’s demands for a smaller tree were being considered.

And just like that, we welcomed a beautiful Fraser Fir into our home, decorated our hearts out, and made Christmas official!

We’re ready for you, Santa! I think we can all agree that Genesee’s consistently questionable behavior should not be held against my good-all-year-with-an-occasional-lapse-in-judgment track record. We’ll leave the Christmas tree lights on for you.

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