Turkey Day 2019

Dear Turkey,

It was nice to see you at the table for the holiday! You have a wonderful way of bringing families together, like my loved ones who gathered under the same roof for a shared Thanksgiving meal, laughter exchange, Black Friday advertisement reviews, and a friendly re-match of Jenga. I’m sorry you couldn’t join in on the fun, but I do appreciate the sacrifice you made for my belly; your tenderness didn’t go unnoticed. I hope you understand I meant no disrespect when I gobbled you up; that’s how I show my love for you.

For what it’s worth, I returned to frozen pizza and ramen noodles the next day when Grandma and Grandpa were no longer hosting a fancy, delicious supper. So please don’t judge me for the teeth marks you endured while I indulged in that necessary second helping on Thanksgiving Day.

Sincerely stuffed,

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