The bad news?
Our trip came to a tragic end: It was cold and dark and Wisconsin when we arrived home.

The good news?
All went well in order to get there. We actually got to sit together on the plane – in the same row AND same side of the aisle! Thanks to Mom teaching me the basics of seat identification, I was able to find our assigned row by counting out loud as I walked by each one. Everybody on the plane thought it was soooo cute… I got high-fives just for knowing how to count and fist-bumps for getting closer to my seat. (Some people are easily impressed that I can count to 28, I guess.) Plus, Genesee and I were stellar travelers once again, and I’m sure it had nothing to do with us being sleepyheads for almost the entire flight. (Because, you know, vacationing is hard work!)

But, for the short time I was awake, Mom and I looked for Nana Florence in the clouds, like we always do. I think that’s why Mom enjoys this particular vacation spot… because the Moon Palace remembers our family stories of togetherness, of spirits who were once among the living, and of nuptials that foundationally created her pride and joy: me & G.

Fortunately, we find these stories at home, too. New chapters, perhaps, but they continually intertwine with the past and honor the passed. Our story unfolds with much soul…

One thought on “Home

  1. I so much enjoyed. reading and looking at pictures. We don’t have any fun things like that to do here, but it it is warm. Love you.

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