It was an adventure!

Mom and dad were right… our Cancun vacation did eventually come to an end.

But before we headed back to the frozen tundra, we satisfied our appetites and quenched our thirst…

We soaked up the sun and swam our little hearts out…

And after playing as hard as our energy levels allowed us, you can bet we subsequently napped even harder.

Finally, we explored every corner, enjoyed every view, and embraced every moment that the resort had to offer.

It was the trip of many firsts… Genesee’s first time flying in an airplane and my first time dragging my very own suitcase. It was Genesee’s first time being in Mexico and the first time I’ll (probably) remember vacationing there. It was the trip that Genesee first splashed in a pool (she loved it!) and got cleaned up in a shower (she was all smiles and no tears… unlike an anonymous someone else who screamed bloody murder the first several times he was cruelly forced to take a scary water-down-your-face shower in lieu of a safe, warm, familiar bath). It was the first time I experienced the resort by riding behind the stroller instead of inside the stroller (although I did steal the seat a few too many times when “my legs got tired from just standing.”) And it was the trip that Genesee first learned how to roll over!

It was our first big trip as a family of four…. a warm way to beat the winter blues, a much-welcomed way to pause the chaos of everyday life, and a wanderlust way to discover a world beyond our borders. Different countries offer us a different perspective, different culture, different language, different foods, and different ways of knowing/being/living. But travel is a privilege not afforded to everyone, and so we remain grounded knowing that we don’t need plane tickets to broaden our worldview, or to make magical memories, or to live life to its fullest. We only need each other… to see each other, to teach each other, to love each other.

img_9828And so, we trust that more adventure awaits!

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