The drawbacks

There are some drawbacks to having such a cool, chill, mild-tempered, good-natured, practically perfect baby sister:

  1. She often makes me look bad. (Genesee is a good-listening, never-gets-sassy, content little sweetheart who sleeps in her own bed, only cries when it’s necessary, and finishes all her meals.)
  2. Ear infections go undetected (Since G doesn’t whine or put up a fuss, we get no indication if something is wrong.)
  3.  Hmmm… This is kind of a short list. Since I’m struggling to identify an additional downside to my wonderful sister, please refer back to #1.

Poor Genesee! We weren’t even going to make a trip to see the doctor,  but decided to get her cough checked out. Turns out, we discovered an ear infection instead.

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