On a brisk December night, amidst the calm of fluttering snowflakes, darkness fell over my school and transformed the complex into a magnificent Candyland! The teachers had previously sent us home for the day, but invited all families back for a holiday open house. Of course, since I’m always down for a good after-party, you bet I showed up with bells and whistles and my santa-antler-headband!

The dress code was casual: Holiday pajammies
The menu was delicious: Sugar hors d’oeuvres
The agenda was simple: Have fun.

And, oh what fun I had! Through the Lollipop Woods and across the Gumdrop Mountains, I loved skipping from room to room, exploring the outer limits of every sweet activity. I even discovered Santa Claus waiting for me somewhere between Licorice Castle and Cupcake Commons. So naturally, I told him all of my “needs,” then repeated all of my needs, gave him a big hug, and finally shouted, “Love you Santa!” before finding my merry way back through the Peppermint Forest.

It. Was. Awesome.

My adventure resulted in nothing but rave reviews and sticky fingers. But beware the other side of Candyland… It’s a dark, quiet, not-fun place called Sleepyland, which I highly do not recommend.

Note to self: Never leave the Candyland premises.

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