Places to Go, People to See

I’m not just a big brother. Since earning that title, I’ve also become a licensed tour guide. Therefore, it’s my duty to introduce sis to some of my favorite places to go and people to see…. especially since the doctor encouraged us to explore the world during Genesee’s last appointment.

Don’t be afraid to bring her around people now, as long as they’re not sick,” Doc said. “She’s doing great. I mean, I wouldn’t take her on the river quite yet, but get out and enjoy life!”

So, first on the list: we took little G on the river over Labor Day Weekend!

After exploring the majestic Mississippi, the adventures continued on our 4-wheeler, of course! Because that’s how we roll.


Next stop: Melrose-Mindoro High School so I could share my love of sports with Genesee. I always enjoy eating Skittles and popcorn cheering for Ashlee at her volleyball games during this time of year, while we anxiously await the basketball season that follows.

Surely, we couldn’t let summer end without visiting a pizza farm. An early September weekend was perfect timing to check out the newly opened Winghaven Pizza Farm in Galesville, WI. Yummers!

And who doesn’t love a good apple orchard?! (Genesee, apparently, since she slept the whole time.) An annual trip to Ferguson’s Funny Farm always puts a smile on my face and apple treats in my belly.

Also on the agenda, thanks to Ashlee turning 14 years old, I had to show G how we celebrate birthdays around here: with food, family, and frosting (although some people actually eat the cake)!

I even escorted baby girl to a wedding, so she could watch her big bro tear up the dance floor!

Finally, I introduced my sister to some of my favorite UWL friends because a girl has gotta know who her fan base is!

And that concluded Genesee’s tour of September! Tickets for October adventures are now on sale, so book your adventure with Jaeger today!

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