Coolio returns to Schoolio

Some kiddos think they’re too cool for school. But not me. I’m just the right amount of cool, which is why I was thrilled to make my return to the classroom last week! However, while mom is on maternity leave, I will only be getting smarter on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I need to stay home the remainder of the week to sabotage mom’s productivity levels and to prevent her from achieving a state of restfulness.

To prepare for my big debut in the 3-year-old room with Miss Kate, I first attended an Open House back in late August. I loved showing Grandma and Grandpa my school and was delighted to learn that my locker will be right next to Hudson’s this year!

When my first day finally arrived on September 12, I posed for the obligatory first-day-of-school photos (with a special guest appearance by Genesee), gave mom a big hug, and then immediately started chasing Huddy around the playground as fast as my little feet could take me. But in the middle of the third lap, I stopped in my tracks to look back at the spot where my mom and sister waved goodbye, and when I realized they were nowhere to be found, I broke down into an ugly cry.

Of course, with the help of some teacher hugs and the sound of joy all around me, I was sniffle-free within minutes and well on my way to a full recovery. Because I’m cool like that.

Meanwhile, mom caught a case of the sniffles too and so she made her way to Centennial Hall to find a cure through visiting friends, colleagues, and awesome college students.

At day’s end, I was reunited with mom and sister and couldn’t wait to tell them about my fun-filled day of getting my learn on, despite missing them “a little bit but not too much.” While we all exchanged stories and smiles, I pushed Genesee to the parking lot, where I hopped into Dr. Bee’s car and tried to head for home. And although my attempted carjacking was a failure, my first day of school was anything but. So, as I buckled myself into the back seat of our not-as-cool Toyota Highlander, I confidently declared Tuesday a success and eagerly looked forward to Thursday!

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