O Canada!

Here’s one way to celebrate America’s Independence Day: Head to Canada!

On June 29, we embarked on our trip to Vermilion Bay, Ontario for a fishing adventure on Eagle Lake! After a relaxing night’s sleep in Duluth, MN, and a stop at a stretch-your-legs wayside on Pelican Lake,

we had finally arrived!

We found our home-away-from home at one of Cedar Point Lodge’s quaint cabins.

Of course, most of our vacation was spent on the water, fishing for fishes. (I caught 5 Northern pike one night!)

But, it’s not a successful vacation without heading into town for a little shopping, sight-seeing, and ice cream too!

Some of my favorite moments included racing cars on the kitchen table, building Lego characters in the cabin, playing walkie-talkie with anyone who would respond, welcoming Dad and Grandpa home from their 1st shift fishing escapades, admiring the lake from our deck, and learning how to take enjoy a shower!

Although there were no July 4th fireworks to be applauded, I did get to admire a double rainbow in the sky and a new stamp in my passport!

In the end, this adventure was about spending lots of quality time with my family, so no sparklers or explosives were needed to make this trip an absolute blast! ….That’s how we celebrate America’s Independence Day.

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