3rd Christmas (2016)

Darn! The most wonderful time of the year is now behind us. (Good thing a new year is starting soon.) All I wanted for this Christmas was “chocolate” and “a cuckoo clock.” Minus the cuckoo clock, I got everything I asked for and more! But, this holiday isn’t really about what was left under the tree for me (a Yamaha snowmobile sled!!!)… It’s actually about love, spending time with family, giving to others, and reflecting on the wonders of the season, like:

  1. Adding a new song to my repertoire: Jingle Bells (“Hey!”)
  2. Improving on my gift-opening skills
  3. Experiencing my first Hi-Fi cocktail (7-up soda in a fancy glass)
  4. Having a better sense of who this “Santa” character is
  5. Learning about Garrett & Morgan’s engagement (Congrats!)
  6. Mastering the tricky art of blowing my nose (Exhale, not inhale.)
  7. Believing in the magical power of the internet: Everytime something is broken or has dead batteries, I proclaim, “It needs the internet!” (I learned about the internet through unsuccessful attempts at watching YouTube videos while driving through rural areas.)
  8. Surviving an entire day without a nap, while remaining grumpy-free (because who wants to miss any precious minutes of Christmas?!)
  9. Posing imperfectly for too-many photo ops
  10. Embracing my silly, goofy, always-happy, too-cute self before passing out in Mom & Dad’s fleece-insulated bed (sure to have a Christmas hangover in the A.M.!)

Snapshots from Christmas Eve

Christmas Day Memories

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